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  • Classic 2-in-1 Goat and Sheep Feeder

    Classic 2-in-1 Goat and Sheep Feeder

    Miller Manufacturing Company

    Unique hookover feature allows easy mounting on rail, chain-link, or hurricane fencing without tools. It is important to keep grain, hay, and forage waste off the ground because goats and sheep are close grazers; by using this feeder there is less opportunity for ingestion of parasites. Hay is dispensed from the top through a wire grid that helps reduce forage and hay waste. The bunk doubles as a grain feeder. Compact design saves on space. Measures 21.5 inch long by 13.06 inch wide by 23.25 inch high. Made of heavy-duty galvanized metal to prevent rust and corrosion. Rack holds two flakes of hay.

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